Local Search Results and the Google Pigeon Update

Recently Google came out with a update for local search results that many are calling Pigeon. Here is a explanation from SearchEngineLand.com, “ The changes will be visible within the Google Maps search results and Google Web search results.”   I have been trying to get my clients to show up in the local search / Google Map suggestions, for ...
christainbarrattLocal Search Results and the Google Pigeon Update

Google Ranking Factors

Inbound.org just posted a great info graphic displaying 200 ranking factors Google uses. Here is the link to there website Googles 200 ranking factors    This is a great resource when working on your sites SEO.
christainbarrattGoogle Ranking Factors

Link Building, Good Idea Or Bad Idea

Should your SEO plan include Link building ? I say yes. Google views links that refer to your URL as a vote of your sites importance. Look at it like a popularity contest. A vote or link, linking back to your website, from a popular blog or website that is relevant to your websites content, is seen as a strong vote ...
christainbarrattLink Building, Good Idea Or Bad Idea

Why Video ?

Why Video ? If you are a business wondering how you can keep visiters on your site longer, check this out."Living Direct found that videos boosted conversion and increased time on site by 9%, says wooshii. *1" I was at a friends house visiting, after about a hour I noticed that where my friend and I we talking his girlfriend ...
christainbarrattWhy Video ?